Hugo – seriously!

Going to the movies, these days (post injury), is somewhat of a challenge. Firstly I have to decide which movie house gets my dosh (I need low key, where the patrons are more sophisticated than rowdy) then I have to examine the movie options & of course the time schedule needs to be factored in (aaaargh, the deliberations!). Any spontaneity & excitement my partner may have for our little jaunt would soon be marred by frustration 😦  (he hides it well, most of the time)

Film genres I LIKE :
Crime; Intellectual comedy; Film Noir; Mystery; Drama (period & modern); Art house (foreign); Thriller; Animation
Film genres I CAN watch :
Crime; Silent; Comedy; Drama & Animation. The movie itself needs to be simple with an easy to follow plot. Too complicated & I lose the plot!
Film genres I CANNOT watch :
Art house with subtitles; High adrenaline & fast paced Thrillers; Mysteries. I can NOW add 3D!

When I eventually get to the theatre with earplugs firmly in my ears. I like to think the ‘chosen’ movie will live up to my expectation & of course the critics’ reviews.Β  No reason to complain…until…HUGO!

HUGO – the movie

Warning, if you are a 3D movie lover, you may want to avert your eyes!

I can only assume producers & directors of movies have been or are being blackmailed for some past movie indiscretions, as I sure as hell cannot see any other explanation for the stream of 3D movies that are raising their heads above the parapet!

HUGO was a HUGE disappointment, aside of the 3D effect, (which I now know I CANNOT watch – more to follow), it had all of the trappings to be a magical tale, instead I felt the storyline was protracted. (pulling teeth minus the anesthetic would have been more pleasurable!) Even the powerhouse of actors failed to ignite my embers! Quite frankly, it failed to connect with me & I wasn’t the only one, plenty of other audience members were left disenchanted.

Note to self & fellow TBI’ers, be wary of 3D productions. Although this movie was relatively docile in the parametres of 3D, it still managed to upset my equilibrium, bringing about nausea, dizziness & headaches. I found watching the movie in its raw state, albeit slightly misaligned, to be more favourable than viewing through the glasses, to gain the enhanced perception of depth.

I shall avoid 3D in future, I am sure the masses of 3D fans will not miss me! πŸ™‚

Maybe I should have gone to see the ‘Artist’!



  1. Resilient Heart

    Oh gosh, can I ever relate! On the rare occasion I do go, I wear earplugs (yes, I carry earplugs in my purse!) because it’s always too loud, and, I have been known to close my eyes because the visual stimuli is too much. Going to movies post-TBI is not on my ‘want to do’ list anymore…it’s too much work and oftentimes not worth it.

    3D, I know! It’s pretty popular here in the U.S. too. I have no desire to ever see a 3D anything. Heck, just watching The Big Bang Theory online, I have to divert or cover my eyes when they do the incredibly fast paced intro, and, mute the theme song too, and that’s not even 3D!

    I’ve often said what used to invigorate and interest me pre-TBI now exhausts me post-TBI. You did very well handling new stimuli you had not experienced since your injury. πŸ™‚

    Blessings, Love & Peace,

    • Yes RH, I to carry earplugs, everywhere I go, they are a part of lifes’ necessities for us, right? I actually fell asleep for a while in the movie, because of the ‘yawn’ effect which also helped to cut down the time I spent squinting & diverting my eyes for the rest of the movie! In hindsight I should have left & waited for my friends. Anyway, I can add to my tried & tested list! My ‘thumbs down’ section is certainly more substantial than the ‘thumbs up’, but that’s all good, at least I have things on that list πŸ™‚ Music, now there’s another irritation, I used to LOVE music, had songs playing all of the time wherever it was remotely possible. Now it annoys the hell out me, in fact I don’t hear songs, I just hear NOISE!

      You are so correct about what invigorated us pre TBI & now exhausts post TBI.

      I am really enjoying reading your blog. I think I managed to leave a short comment, but I will send you an email, as i would like to chat in greater detail πŸ™‚

      My very best wishes Sharon

      • Resilient Heart

        Yes, earplugs are a must have fashion accessory for many TBIers! LOL) (Although I do know some who can still actually tolerate noise just fine).

        I checked my blog and didn’t see any comments awaiting publishing. Any chance you’re on Twitter or Facebook?? (Just trying to find a private method for sharing email addresses.)

  2. I can’t watch 3D either. I get sick like I’m on a loop-d-loop roller coaster. I think it has a lot to do with my vertigo. I can’t stand not having my full bearing on where I’m at every moment.

    Great Post! Sounds like you should have stayed home and played with the pup…..

    • Ew vertigo, that’s not pleasant 😦 I suffered with it for the 1st 6-9 months after my accident & that was way to long.

      You are right I should have stayed at home, Charlie would have been far more entertaining πŸ™‚

  3. Too bad the movie sucked. Good to read this, ‘cus I’m going to the movies tomorrow and ‘Hugo’ was one of the options.
    I love, love, LOVE 3D! When it’s filmed right, that is. Harry Potter was amazing, but a few weeks ago I went to a Dutch movie in 3D and that gave me a migraine – and I don’t even have brain injury.
    Hope that you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of great movies in the future. Blessings!

    • Again, sorry for the delay in response. You were in my many spam’s! I hope I didn’t put you off HUGO, especially as you enjoy 3D so much. Each man to their own πŸ™‚

      • I do love 3D! I decided to go to ‘The Ghostrider’ but it wasn’t that great. The only thing I liked about it that it was 3D and a little bit of action… But a ‘skull demon’ that can pee fire, riding a motorcycle is a bit too much xD Next weekend I’m going to John Carter 3D. Hope that will be better.

  4. Yep

    3D is O U T!

    I highly recommend the book Hugo Cabrett

    IT is Perfect! Well…. actually it is half writing half drawings; so actually I needed to be in the right PLACE in my brain cycle to be able to understand the plot line.

    It is a GORGEOUS book!

    XO Jen

    • Thank you Jen, I shall investigate the book, I like to wander through my local second hand bookstore & if they do not have it, I shall make it their mission to find a copy for me. Sharon xox

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