Brain Injury Awareness Month

Show your support.

Today (March 1st), marks the first day of Brain Injury Awareness month.  A brain injury can happen anytime, anywhere & to anyone, it isn’t discriminatory!  Millions of people, young & old sustain some kind of brain injury each year.

The effect of a brain injury IS LIFE ALTERING, not only for the survivor but family & friends too. Please give your support, be it to a friend; relative; caregiver; hospital or community group.

Raising awareness is something we can all do. Pick a day, a morning, an afternoon or just an hour & donate your time.  There are 30 days left in which you can give a helping hand 🙂

Brain injuries are a misdiagnosed, misunderstood and underfunded neurological disease. We need your help.



  1. Reblogged this on Step On A Crack…Or Break Your Mother's Back and commented:
    Living with a TBI is one of the hardest acronyms I live with.

    There are vets in VA hospitals all over our country who are
    lying in hospital beds lonely and afraid.

    Ponder visiting your local VA this month.
    It can mean all the difference to a Vet with a TBI;
    A TBI that will forever change their lives.

    If you have had more than one head injury,
    If you have cognitive difficulties that just do not make sense,
    see a doctor and explore the possibilities.

    My TBI was the result of 3 major head injuries
    over the course of my lifetime.
    Without the help of a VERY observant Doc
    I would to this day be thinking I was just crazy.

    Visit the VA.
    See a Doc if you have questions….

    Peace, Jen
    *****Many thanks to A Bump To The Head for posting this******

    • Thank you Jen. And well written about the Military Vets, they very much DESERVE a special mention. I can only hope this month (March) leaves some type of positive impression on those who are not effected with a BI.

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