A leap year but a leapless day!

Leap year maidens plotting!

I am writing today from the warmth & comfort that is my bed.

Wednesday the 29th Feb 2012, a leap year in which british tradition allows the fairer sex to propose to their ‘long suffering’ partner or even that poor unsuspecting male who would now be regretting the day he befriended the lonely girl at the coffee bar!

Supposedly, a 1288 law by Queen Margaret of Scotland (then age five and living in Norway), required that fines be levied if a marriage proposal was refused by the man; compensation ranged from a kiss to £1 to a silk gown, in order to soften the blow!

Don’t worry partner of 5 years, I am not planning such a proposal!

I digress, to the reason for this post.  Five days have past & 12 more to go before my partner returns from his overseas business trip & I am EXHAUSTED. This is probably the longest I will have been by myself since my accident & I don’t mind admitting to the world – I am struggling. Only a couple of years ago, I would have been eurphoric, 17 days to myself & the freedom do what I want, when I want – woo hoo!

How the tide turns!

Today is far from a great day, I am feeling the full effects of my 2 old injury.  I dread to think how the next 12 days will unfold. Charlie (my dog) is an incredible comfort but to he to needs looking after & what was a cute lick on my face at 6.00am is fst becoming an irratation. If only he could use the porcelain toilet, I wouldn’t care if he left the seat up! Instead, I get up, throw my clothes on & face yet another day, however today is different, I decided to drop Charlie off at daycare, it’s his normal day to hang with his buddies, but instead of the usual 4 hours, I shall be leaving him for 8. My needs are greater than his today, I need serious R&R.

I don’t mean to wallow in self pity, but it’s all I can manage today 😦

And to my partner – thank you, I probably don’t say it enough or appreciate you enough but you really are a good man & thank you for being there caring & supporting 🙂

One comment

  1. Resilient Heart

    Very sweet ending to a post I can relate to, I call them “my lesser days:”. Sometimes I wrestle with the notion of taking time to rest because having been such a go-getter pre-injuries, I would have seen rest as a waste, laziness, or whatever. Now? Holy cow! It’s a necessity!

    Sometimes, when I’m not able to relax when I know I need to rest, I close my eyes and tell myself to accept the rest that is offered. I don’t know if it makes sense to anyone outside of my head, but it helps me to receive the gift of rest as well as feel a sense of peace.

    I still get impatient when I have rested and still feel tired. In rehab we were told an injured brain takes up to 10 times the amount of rest an uninjured brain needs.

    Wishing you peaceful, restful sleep.

    Blessings, Love & Peace,

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