Recipe – Marinated Ginger Ale Pork

My cooking challenge continues, only I fell off the Donna Hay wagon this time. I will have clawed my way back onto the seat by next week!

During one of my (weekly) visits to a rather scrumptiddlyumptious fresh food/deli store, I was treated to a rather delicious & versatile marinated pork recipe – created by one of their in house chefs.  He bbq’d his pork for the tasting but he was quick to mention that it could also be baked in the oven as well as slow cooked. So, I opted for the oven method (The bbq is not my friend & reality is, neither is it my partners as much as he remonstrates!!)

This recipe was relatively easy, plus if you are not exact with the measurements it doesn’t really matter (as I found out!!).  A good tip for anyone that struggles to follow recipes – use a pencil & cross out each step in the process as you go, this way you shouldn’t miss anything, as far as misunderstanding an instruction or measurement – ask someone else, I have no clue!!
The kitchen timer is my ‘Gordon Ramsay‘ – It is in my best interest (& anyone else who is eating my food) not to ignore him! 😀

Marinated Pork in ginger ale – serves 2

Standard size Pork fillet – approx 500gms (you could use another cut, depends on your choice)
1 x heaped tablespoon chinese five spice
1/4 cup of dark soy sauce
A healthy pour of olive oil (or 2 tablespoons)
1 x teaspoon crushed garlic (I use pre crushed from farmers market)
1 teaspoon of grated ginger
1 x fresh red chilli (hot variety) remove most of seeds & chop finely
1 x onion thinly sliced
1/2 cup of ginger ale / beer
Handful of fresh herbs – I mixed rosemary, oregano, sage & thyme. Chopped finely

Combine all ingredients & pour over Pork, You may want to use a fork to prick holes in pork for better marination. Leave for a minimum of 3 hours.

To cook :
BBQ – cook with the cover down for approx 12 – 15 minutes each side
Oven – Place in a casserole dish covered for 30 minutes (inc. the marinade)
Slowcooker – All ingredients together on low. (you may need to add a cup of ginger ale to increase the liquid content)

To serve :
Allow the Pork to rest for 15 minutes before serving
I served with chickpeas (garbanzo) & Adzuki beans – heated through with some olive oil.
A green salad would be the prefect accompliment for the BBQ option

The result of my oven cooked pork – a melt in your mouth taste explosion!


My pictures probably do not do justice, but it truly was a taste sensation.

It must have been good because…

Mummy's food is scrummy!

Okay, so I know I should not have a put a Pork marinated towel back on the hand rail…but I didn’t know (honestly), until Charlie sniffed it out & what a good boy he was in doing so!!  I could hardly tell him off when I had done something unspeakable myself! The towel, once wrestled off Charlie went into the wash 🙂



  1. Resilient Heart

    Awesome, good for you! And thanks for sharing the tools and strategies you used too, that’s always a big help in my book.

    I grew up baking and used to find it a very, very relaxing thing to do. Now? Oh holy cow! I struggle to follow recipes so love your idea of using a pencil to draw a line through each step as you go. Congratulations on a super cool accomplishment! 🙂

  2. Hello RH, thank you for not only reading but for your lovely comment. When I started this blog, I decided to make sure I could pass on any tips that make my daily life less of a challenge. Like you, cooking sure can be confronting but I decided that I would, once a week, break from my mundane meal plans & try something a little adventurous, well adventurous for me! Please do try the pencil idea, i will admit, it did take a few go’s to get in to the swing of crossing out – adding double the amount of chilli to a meal may have been the kick (excuse the pun) I needed to focus!

    BTW – how do I ‘like’ or comment on your blog?

    • Resilient Heart

      Hi! I’m sorry for the delay replying, I’m trying to get some eBay things sold and overdoing it means I could not get out of bed this morning.

      I love the ‘kick’ pun in regards to chili!

      As far as ‘liking’ my blog I don’t think there’s a way to do that yet. It seems like that’s something folks can do on wordpress. When I looked into it for Blogger, I had to copy and paste code, which I did, but couldn’t get it to work. Weird! It should just be something easy to add.

      The comments section is below each post (unless Blogger has changed that too, LOL!) At the bottom of the post, I’ll use the most recent for an example, it says “Posted by ResilientHeart at 9:43 AM 0 comments”, click on the words “0 comments” That should be a link for comments. I wish it were as clear as wordpress!

      Thanks for your note and for sharing your world.

      Blessings, Love & Peace,

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