TBI = A conundrum wrapped in a mystery, buried in an enigma & shrouded in secrecy!

Who would have thought, a phrase, first spoken by one of my all time hero’s ‘Winston Churchill’, would be now used, albeit adapted, to describe a ‘Traumatic Brain Injury’!

It is unfortunate I am unable to recall specific information on the individual who said the afore mentioned phrase, however, we should be thankful I managed to scribble it down before my memory would chew it up & spit it out!

(I can tell you he didn’t have a TBI, but seemingly knew others who do)

Why write a post about this?  Well, after my initial bewilderment on why someone would describe a TBI in this manner. I got to thinking, this person wasn’t so much away with the fairies as I first thought. His analogy, in fact, is possibly the most coherent explanation from someone who understands the injury without physically experiencing it.   I decided I would ask a few people to gauge their reaction (for confirmation I wasn’t in fairy land!), my partner was one of them, being a well read & educated individual, I valued his opinion.  Upon reading the phrase a number of times to him (weird how the more you repeat something, the less viable it sounds!), he asked who came up with it (an inane question, from a man who knows better!). I of course respond with sarcasm, which thankfully he choose to ignore before making this comment…

I think who ever he is, he obviously has a great understanding of the injury.  His analogy validates what the brain doctors all say in their medical journals. That is no two injuries to the brain are the same nor are the effects, diagnosis of the injury or the recovery process. The brain is a complex puzzle, in which no one has a definitive answer”

Other people I have asked, have all said similar – that being, the brain is complex & little is known about the most important organ in our bodies.

In my opinion I don’t believe this phrase diminishes, mine or the next persons brain injury, if anything I believe it delivers a picture of what TBI survivors live with, on both a personal & a medical level.

To that end, I would like to welcome this phrase to my MTBI world 🙂



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    Thank you for your blog…

    Peace, Jen

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