Aussie Aussie Aussie…G’day mate!!

Yes, I am off to Australia for a week…yay!  I am going to stay with a good friend of mine who also has an injury to the brain & knee & hip & …!  He is an amazing guy, survived a horrific accident must be 4 or 5 years ago.  He was knocked off his cycle, pushed for some metres into a wall & pinned there.  Luckily he survived, how? who knows but wearing a helmet certainly helped.   It has taken many years with a number of operations, countless amounts of varying rehab, hard work & stamina to get to where he is today – an independent guy that lives his life to the fullest despite ongoing difficulties with his health. I can credit him for being an amazing source of support after my accident 🙂

So, what to do with my week in OZ, well we have many activities planned & lots of rest periods locked in the diary.  I am hoping Sydney turns on the sunshine & holds back the wind & rain.  My holiday will also extend to updating my blog 😦 Taking my laptop will be disastrous. There will be enough excitement looking out for myself for a whole week, without having to remember what I have done with my laptop as well as phone, camera, passport & money!  I have no doubt there will be many funny, even wild stories to update you on when I return.  For a start, before I arrive I have to navigate my way through not one but 2 airports then get my phone to work to call my beloved & let him know I have arrived in one piece & didn’t get on the wrong flight, then make contact with Mr Main! BUT before all of that can happen I have to pack…aaaargh!

Airport anguish!

Packing pre-injury was a breeze, now, I pack like I am relocating ;(  Choices & options – not good, keeping focused – say no more, I know where I should be right now!  There is a checklist…somewhere!  that I use to help with packing for any trip I do.  The more stressed I get the worse my memory gets & then the game is over or in this case vital items do not get packed – you know, the phone charger, medication, shoes, hairspray – kidding!  So, for me it is time to re-focus & pack for my jollies tomorrow morning.

So its goodnight from me & goodnight from him!
(to quote the two ronnies – a British sketch show)


  1. Have a fabulous time! Don’t forget to pack a notepad and pen so you don’t forget any important things to tell us about when you get back. xx

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