Pooch, Pukeko & Poop!

Okay, it is said (somewhere, I’m sure!) a dog is only as well behaved as its owner.  Since I optimize a ‘saint’ you would think Charlie (my dog) would also be a saint like pooch – right?  WRONG! Let me set the scene for you …

Charlie, me, park, water & playtime.

All was well, mummy was getting a good arm work out at the same time Charlie was enjoying retrieving the wildly thrown sticks.

We hadn’t been in the park long when an irresistible aroma took hold of Charlies senses as it wafted past his nose. All control I had over my furry companion – gone, like him. He was a pooch on a mission, after all he had to get to his destination before I could wrangle his lead on him! Finally I find him rolling around joyously in copious amounts of duck poop…acrid smelling duck poop 😦  At this point I had 2 options, grab him, get poop all over me, have stern words OR take pictures of my saintly pooch reveling in his achievement,  Guess what I did!…

I know it probably wasn’t the best way to regain control of my wayward pooch & I bow my head in shame BUT I do have a blog to maintain! After I snapped this pic, control was mine once more 🙂  The leash was on & his tail between his legs.  We walked to another part of the park, where I let him off the leash, thinking he would take the opportunity to go & play once more.  He didn’t, instead he sat his odorous self down on the park bench next to me (month old garbage smelt better than him!). Trying to ignore him & the smell, I spotted a couple of Pukeko’s (NZ native bird) walking through some reeds on the lake.

A photo opportunity I thought. As I took my shot of the birds, Charlie, launched himself off the the park bench & down the embankment only to leap into the lake after the Pukeko’s.  I was both horrified & frightened, The lakes edge was covered in reeds, fine for pukeko’s but not so good for a pooch, nevertheless Charlie undeterred proceeded to slowly make his way toward the birds until my screams finally penetrated his (as well as the rest of the onlookers) eardrums & he made his way slowly back to the embankment. Doggy paddling through reeds is an arduous task, taking a photo whilst in a panic ( & slow mental processing skills) is almost impossible!


That's Charlie left of frame trying to climb up out of the lake!

As you can see he was fine after MY ordeal!

Catch me if you can!

Just to clarify no dog, bird or human was hurt in this wee adventure…my nerves however ‘shattered’ 😉 Now, where’s that dog behaviorist number


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