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Moka Express

I LOVE my coffee, I have my stove top ‘Moka Express’ for my morning espresso hit.  Honestly I can’t live without (good) coffee nor would I want to! There is a lot of conflicting research about caffeine & mild traumatic brain injury (mtbi). My partner found it easier to decipher the Da Vinci Code than comprehend whether there was any substantiated evidence, caffeine slowed recovery or had adverse side effects. We asked my doctor, who also happens to be a brain surgeon, her thoughts were if you don’t feel any worse after coffee then don’t remove it from your daily routine. (routine is utterly important after any kind of injury to the brain) So I didn’t but I certainly didn’t drink bucket loads of coffee, just a long black each day.  Milk was not my friend for quite a while – a change to my taste buds, even now, there are foods I cannot eat, I can now tolerate milk but only in coffee. Ooops a daisy…I digress (focus shazzy!) My daily habit these days is to enjoy an espresso or short black (depends where you are from) whilst still waking up in the morning, I then slide into a flat white or three throughout the day & I rarely have a coffee of an evening unless I am dining out, then it will be a ristretto & I only request in certain restaurants/cafes, disappointment is just too great otherwise. (you have to be a talented barista to make one of those!)

My fav coffee roaster - Allpress

Anyway, I wanted to write an article about the hidden joy of a FLAT WHITE. Having said that, the word on the street is that our yummy FW is making its mark on distant shores 🙂  But for those of you that have not heard about the infamous ‘FLAT WHITE’…tut tut – shame on you!! and for those of you who believe you cannot get any better than a frothy cappuccino, once again, dare I say…tut tut – shame on you!! BUT for those of you who regularly enjoy the pleasures of a velvety smooth ‘FW’, please, keep me company as I endeavour to educate & convert coffee drinkers around the globe, one slurp at a time  ;)

I do know the UK has fallen into the ritualistic following of the ‘FW’, however, from what I understand (I haven’t lived in the UK for nearly 10 years) the chain cafes are still trying to master it & the few cafes that do serve the real deal are in London (please correct me if I am wrong), managed & operated by Kiwi’s / Ozzies (no surprises there then!)  I believe they have 2 cafes in SOHO, aptly named ‘Flat White cafe’ & its sister cafe ‘Milkbar’ I know one of the barista’s there won the 2006 World Barista Championships.  Check them out when you are in the neighborhood.

BEWARE there are imitations out there 😦

My aim is to spread the word by giving simple but precise instructions on how to make this most fabulous espresso beverage. All you need is a good quality espresso machine (no need to worry if your machine doesn’t have a steam wand, there is good alternative which I will talk about later) or a passionate barista, eager to add to his beverage repertoire!
These instructions, have been given to me by a very caring & sharing barista, here in NZ.

Here is a short bio on this little slurp of heaven:
A flat white is a coffee beverage that originated from New Zealand / Australia (there is a debate on who really invented it, but for now we shall say the KIWI’s did!) The flat white is prepared like a latte by pouring microfoam (steamed milk from the bottom of a pitcher) over a single shot (30 millilitre) or double shot of espresso. It is similar to the latte, the café au lait and cafe con leche. The difference in the other said espresso based beverages are that a flat white is typically served in a small (150–160 millilitre) ceramic cup with microfoam (heated to 60–70 °C). The result being a strong, rich, seductively smooth, slightly sweet & incredibly velvety textured coffee.
A latte uses similar microfoam but is served in a tall glass, has more foam on top of the beverage & is weaker in coffee strength.

I shall post the tutorial in 2 parts, simply because of the length & detail.

Here’s to one day ridding the world of bad coffee!!  Enjoy 🙂


  1. Fascinating. I have never heard of a flat white here in Canada, but now I want to try one. Thanks for exposing me to potential further coffee experience!

  2. dosdoodles

    OK…you are SERIOUS about your coffee! Good for you! 🙂 I’m sitting here sipping the deliciousness produced by our Technovorm. 🙂

    • I guess I am serious about coffee!…I am sure your Technovorm does the job just as well – hee hee!
      I will definitely be uploading some more pics of the pooches – Your gallery is such a great way to see all of the different oodles out there 🙂

  3. dosdoodles

    OH….and we need more pictures of your adorable pups on our site! Pleeze…!

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