My Modus Operandi

What is life really like since I had a bump to the head?  Absolutely, without a doubt, very frustrating at times BUT
(there’s always a but!) I wouldn’t change a thing. Looking at life through different eyes is proving to be quite wondrous.
My partner on the other hand, must have thought our home had been infiltrated by a woman pretending to be his shazzy!

In the beginning I had no idea who I was or where I was, in fact life seemed very much like a living nightmare…especially for those around me, when I could not perform a simple task, let alone remember what that simple task would have been.  As the months progressed & medication became less of a best friend I made some important discoveries. The first being…I was actually alive…woo hoo! Having rejoiced my new found status, came the exasperating task of accepting my limitations, as with all things in life, you either learn to adapt or get left behind.

Here is a snapshot of what ‘Shazzy’ was like before the 4th September 2009 :
Vivacious; independent; career orientated; A+ personality; social butterfly; lateral thinker; witty; spontaneous & emotional (YIKES… it sounds like my CV!)

…& the new quirky me – a little more difficult to explain, the use of adjectives alone do not aptly describe the complexities of my new life, a couple of paragraphs should do it!

who said earplugs were not a fashion statement!

I find making new friends hard work & something I do not actively pursue, unless the person in question has experienced a similar trauma, then the universe just throws us together 🙂 I guess that will be the law of attraction?!
Social etiquette abandoned oneself, strangers think I am plain rude, my partner however (with first hand experience) refers to it as ‘brutal honesty’!
Socializing is limited to those I know well & in familiar surroundings. I struggle to be in large groups, four people is probably optimal otherwise I lose focus & conversation just becomes ‘blah blah blah’.
Earplugs are my new fashion accessory, & chic they are to!  I wear them pretty much everywhere, having said that I  avoid (where possible) crowded noisy places & stressful situations. So that would be all the places I would frequent pre accident!
Equilibrium in my life is maintained through a logical (even literal at times) approach. I seem to have lost the ability to connect on a deep emotional level. Don’t get me wrong I am not an ice queen, I just don’t have the fiddlers elbow of emotions that most people do, including old myself!  I now have a wonderful ability to cut through the BS & live a less entangled life! I’m quite sure family, friends & hopefully my fabulous followers appreciate the new me, for those that don’t?… well, they are not around anymore.
My short term memory is somewhat sieve like, but, I do have a sense of humor (albeit quirky) which tends to help counter balance the memory issues. Hide & seek has taken on a whole new meaning in our house 🙂
My days are planned, my career on hold & to-do lists seem never ending…may have something to do with my loooong nana-naps!
Writing is now a challenge, gradually getting better (excellent exercise for my brain)
To craft a story of this length takes me around 3 days! (on & off)…. thank goodness for spell check & as for grammar issues, well, that’s still work in progress 😉

So there you have it, my life in a nut shell thus far.  I am sure my partner will have plenty to add…I know I drive him insane with my logic & memory issues!!


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