When a dog groomer becomes overzealous…

The look says it all!

Do I need to say any more?…

Seriously, when I took Charlie for his groom the other day, I was not expecting this!  There was only one word to describe what I felt upon seeing my little munchkin…MORTIFIED!  I don’t think he was best pleased either, as soon as he saw me, he ran behind my legs & pushed his head between my calves as if to say, protect me mummy – look what that groomer did to me!

At this juncture, I should state that dog groomers are not bad people nor are they deaf to instructions as a general rule.  Previous groomers have done a fabulous job with Charlie & friends pooches.  I would even go as far as to say they make my life easy & Charlies life bliss in the summer months 🙂  Just not this particular groomer!

I am always on the look out for well groomed ‘oodle’ type dogs, as you never know when you need a good groomer. (they tend to move around a lot – similar to hairdressers really!) Anyway, Charlies’ groomer was on holiday & I couldn’t wait the extra 4 weeks, so I thought I would test drive a new one…what could possibly happen, I thought!  This groomer came with a recommendation & the ‘oodle’ that displayed said groomers’ clipping talent, looked pretty darn good.

D-day arrived & Charlie was deposited at the new groomers premises.  The groomer & I had a discussion about what I would like done, that being a close clip on the body, neck & legs (a number 2 on the razor) & a TRIM to his head, ears, face & jawline oh yes & his tail to.  Seemed straightforward to me & I am 99.9999% sure I didn’t add in any words that could be misconstrue with SHAVE!
Two hours later & I get the call to come & collect him, as I walk up the drive way I see a ‘bald’ dog straining at the leash. My expression must have showed my horror, because the groomer suddenly started to tell me what a cute boy Charlie was, now you can see his face & eyes! I simply said ‘Wasn’t quite what I was expecting’ then I asked how much, paid & left rather hastily.
You can’t see from this picture, but the groomer actually cut Charlies luscious, long, fluttery eyelashes – aaaaargh!

Moral of this tale – Stick with what you know & have patience, 4 weeks is not long in the ‘fur-cutting’ scheme of things!

To top all of this off, since the shameful SHAVE, Charlie has developed a serious teenage like ATTITUDE! Is it the haircut or the terrible two’s???

I’ll leave you with before & after pics 🙂

Before 😀

After 😦


  1. Margaret Perkins

    I love it…tee, hee, hee.

  2. What I don’t understand is why she left his ears alone – do you think she realised what she had done?!

  3. wayne

    He still looks abfab to me.
    Mind you there was a stunned silence at “Happy Paws” this morning when his “buddies” saw him.
    Maybe they werre all jealous and tried to wrestle the name of his groomer out of him?

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