When life gives you lemons…

I decided to include a ‘Philosophy’ category in my blog for one simple reason. Philosophy & it’s teachings helped me to gain a greater sense of perspective after the accident (and boy did I need perspective!) You could say I am on a journey of self‐discovery & writing this blog is certainly apart of that 🙂

What I have learnt most of all, is that there is MORE in life to be thankful for than to worry about & besides, something beautiful has to break through the crap at some point! 😉

Philosophy deals with the big ideas, those that govern human life. The world in which we live is shaped by philosophy, whether we know it or not. For example, Plato lived over 2000 years ago but he helped to lay the foundations of western philosophy through subjects such as truth, beauty and justice.

Indeed there are many reasons why people enjoy the study of philosophy.  It’s teachings give us the opportunity to think more deeply about the subjects that really matter. It can simplify, clarify, enrich and provide direction to our lives, especially when other areas of life fall into a state of uncertainty or doubt. It can give us a greater sense of perspective. Ultimately, it can raise our awareness, to enable us to see things for what they are and bring us closer to our true selves.

Philosophy means:
Philo = love of
Sophia = Wisdom


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