Can I get you a stool with that magazine?!…

…don’t go cancelling those subscriptions just yet!

Absolute GENIUS!

A PERFECT solution for all of us magazine/newspaper hoarders out there…you know who you are!

There are not many inventions or gadgets that are able to knock me off my perch, but this little gem certainly did.
OMG – we no longer need to feel ashamed or even hide our magazine fetish, we can be ‘seated’ with our heads held high 😀

The creators of this genius idea are from Germany, Njustudio & they have named it a ‘Hockenheimer Sitzhocker’. That’s a Hockenheimer Stool for those of us who may be lacking in the lingual skills department.  Check out there website, they have some pretty funky things happening & why not buy one or ten!

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