The computer says ‘NO’!

Well actually it was my brain that said NO!

Yesterday my brain went into shut down mode!…you would think after 2 years I would know the signs of brain fatigue & therefore build in rest periods every day. But not this little chicken licken…Instead I start a blog & go full steam ahead…thinking it can’t be that hard…right? oh how WRONG was I.  (You would think I have impulse control problems…oh wait, I do!!)

In the end it proved all to much for this wee brain to process, the end result…a mother of all migraines & bed. Hmmmm

After a day & a half in bed & a sloppy wet kiss from my partner, charlie! I am back to blogging, but with a new daily schedule (I have to have my day planned out or disaster strikes!) & a new found respect for bloggers.


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