Spotlight on fashion – Karen Walker

When I lived in the UK & Australia (& before my accident), I was a budding fashionista…well, in a fashion…oh you know what I mean!  I worked in Fashion, I wore the latest fashion – in a fashion & I even marketed ‘fashion’ but I never quite got to the dizzy heights of being labelled a true ‘FASHIONISTA’.  I guess I will just have to live my fashionista dreams vicariously until I can re-train my brain…

Check out, Karen Walker she is one of NZ’s leading fashion designers. She rocks my world of fashion 🙂  Can I bragg at this point & state that I do have quite a few pieces from her fabulous collections, gathering dust in my wardrobe of course, until my brain gives my body permission to exhibit said pieces!

I am eager to show you some of my favs from SS’11/12 (southern hemisphere) collection.  You can of course view the northern hemisphere AW’11/12 collection on her groovy website AND whats more, if there isn’t a stockist in your country, you can order on-line from wherever in the world you may be & if i’m not mistaken…(standard) delivery is FREE.



KW also has a rather cool & funky collection of jewelry & eyewear


Enjoy 🙂

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