Uggie, Uggie, Uggie…oi, oi, oi!!!

In praise of pooches, wave a paw & show your support to our plucky Uggie!
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Give this dog a gong!

By Mutt on January 7, 2012

Please sir, give me an Oscar…..
Normally boastful is bad. But when you have rubbed paws with THE canine star of the moment a little light trumpet blowing is allowed. I met Uggie at his Marble Arch hotel in London’s West End and, yes, he was every pint size inch The Star. Wotta guy!!!
And this canine is stirring up trouble for this year’s film awards season. There are calls for the four legged star of black and white silent Oscar favourite The Artist to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards. Organisers are blackballing the plucky pooch and have declared him ineligible.
Already Uggie has stolen the hearts and minds of critics worldwide and now there is an Internet campaign calling for his screen skills to be acknowledged.
The nine year old Jack Russell is the on screen companion of leading man Jean Dujardin who plays a silent movie idol failing to transfer into the era of talkies. No prizes for guessing who is the faithful companion who stands by his side, and along the way Uggie makes us laugh and makes us cry.
The internet campaign is being spearheaded by a Facebook group, “Consider Uggie”. The feisty terrier is also making waves with his Twitter account, @Uggie_TheArtist.
Faced with this groundswell of support BAFTA has issued a statement saying that Uggie is not eligible in the Best Supporting Actor category. The Oscars and Golden Globes have been very sniffy about the Uggie lobby.
Meanwhile the homeland of this Gallic production have recognised the plucky pooch in the French equivalent of the Golden Globes, the Lumieres.

Uggie in bar of his West End hotel
Ironically it was Uggie who scooped the first award for The Artist at Cannes Film Festival 2011 when he was awarded the Palm Dog for Best Canine Performance. His picked up the trophy collar a full day before his human costar Jean Dujardin won the festival’s Best Actor award.
No matter the obstacles thrown in his way by stuffy awards organisers it is sure that 2012 will be remembered for a standout screen performance which truly merits an accolade.


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