Normal?…what is normal?

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Well, one of the definitions from the dictionary is “physically, mentally & emotionally healthy” ok, so what then is the definition of healthy?…  I could go on, but greater minds than mine (un-injured ones at that) have failed to provide what I would call a satisfactory answer!

My point being, can anyone be classed as being normal?  I believed before my accident I was a fully functioning normal female.  I enjoyed most of what life had to offer, held down a full time job & partied like a rockstar.  Then one day normality turned into something else, everything around me was different. I couldn’t open my front door without having a screaming match with it; I couldn’t find my way back home after a stroll around the block; I couldn’t  concentrate for more than a minute to speak on the phone; I couldn’t remember peoples names or even keep 3 simple words in my memory; I would sleep more hours than I would be awake; I would misplace my house keys, wallet & phone on a daily basis; I would drive an automatic car like a manual; I’d sob uncontrollably for no apparent reason; fear shopping malls & crowded places; walk around with earplugs in my ears to dampen daily noise; I would say strange things in sentences & struggle to process the simplest of instructions.

So, had my life become abnormal? I know that people who knew nothing of my accident thought of & treated me like I was ‘abnormal’, after all I looked fine but my actions told a different story. Worried I am sure of what the answer would be, I asked my partner, am I abnormal?  What would you have said?   My partner said it was a new normal, temporary or not, I smiled & a tear  rolled down my cheek.

Here’s what I can tell you about ‘normal’…’normal’ has many facets, there is no one way to describe what that one word is used to describe so many things.  It is a nice word but it can also be a harsh word when used without thought.

Normal people are an urban legend
Everyone’s heard about them
Everyone talks about them
BUT nobody has ever seen one!


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