where am I…who am I…?!

Okay, so I did have the second installment of my tale about my accident…but it seems to have gone walkabout…vanished into the ether, or maybe it was something I did – happens an awful lot to me…I always claim my innocence though!! 😉

As I shall be spending the rest of the day re-writing I thought I would post a poem my partner wrote about the accident – enjoy 🙂


Dazed & Confused!

On the 3rd September 2009, my de facto & I drove to Mount Ruapehu for a few days skiing.
Weather forecast was good, snow was exceptional, my head was clear.

We stayed that night in a cosy ski lodge, early to bed for the big day ahead.

Bright & sunny early morn,
Up the slopes soon after dawn,
(well 8.30am at least)
We was ready to ski up a feast.

Up we went, past the second chair,
Aaah the air, it was so clear…
I don’t remember much, after that,
Except that somebody hit me, splat
And I went flat on my back!
Some out of control border,
Hit me where he shouldn’t oughta.
And that’s how I happened to get…
…a bump to the head.

I met my partner in the café,
He said I was looking grey.
The alpine medics they were great,
Took me down the mountain in a banana boat.
Then off to the hospital in Wanganui,
The ambulance was slow, the road was windy.
They did some tests,
I had some rest.
We went home early the next day,

Ever since then, I have been this way.
That was then & this is now.
I am much different than I was before,
In some ways worse
And in some ways better.
All I know is it takes me longer to write a letter!

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