It’s my birthday and I’ll HOWL if I want to…!

Happy Birthday to ME,
Happy birthday to ME,
Happy Biiirrthhdaaay dear Meeeeee,


I was  TWO years old yesterday & what a day, thanks to mummy & daddy 😀

Breakfast was 2 helpings of lamb, chicken & tripe mix & a refreshing slurp of chilled water…there would have been trouble if only I got my normal 1 serving!  Being my birthday, you would have thought I could have eaten it in bed…but oh no, outside i went & in the rain! hmmmmm.


Next was my birthday walk & not just any old walk, this was my favourite…the BEACH…mummy let me off the lead & daddy threw my frisbie, now he’s a good thrower, unlike mummy! Suddenly a smell got my attention, oooooh this a good one, very stinky…now to roll in it before daddy spots me…done it, I felt & smelt dogtastic 😀  After a few more throws of the frisbie & a refreshing swim, mummy decides its time to go home – daddy & I are not to happy, we were having fun in the sea.  But she is the BOSS after all!   As she puts my lead on, she smells my new aroma.  Eww, she turns away in digust & makes daddy walk me home 10 paces behind her 😦

Home & in the shower I go, I don’t like showering much & even less when mummy gets the washbar soap out…I know she means business!

Time for my pressie…a fluffy yellow squeaky duck, this is turning out to be a grrrreaat birthday.  Mummy, duckie & I played for hours, it seemed like she was having more fun than me 😉

I soon collapse from the days activities, after all I am only 2 & I still need my puppynaps…ZZZzzzzz


It’s 4pm & my tummy starts to grumble…’feed me’ ‘feed me’, no pooch can ignore these words, so up & I get, have a little stretch & mosey on over to the kitchen…sniff, sniff, sniff…my favourite – chicken carcass.

nom nom


A WOOFTASTIC birthday 🙂

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