The cutest pooch…EVER!

charlie full profile

Am I the cutest pooch you ever did see?!

Hello I am CHARLIE & I am my mummy’s furbaby! Want to know more about me?…

Breed : Cavoodle (I have the brains & wool of a poodle & the snugglyness of a king charles spaniel)
Colour : I prefer the colour Apricot over beige!
Sex : I am a little man although mummy did make me less of one when I was just a wee puppy!
Age : I will be 2 on the 8th January 2012…paaaaarteee
Friends : Oh way to many to name them all but I will tell you ‘Rusty’ (labradoodle) is my bestie & beach buddy. And then there is ‘Chico’…ooh la la, she is chocolate miniature poodle & my girlfriend 🙂  I will tell you about these and more friends on my many adventures I plan to share with you.
Diet : The raw meaty bone diet….YUMMO!  Why would I want biscuits, when i can have stinky green tripe, chicken carcass, lamb brisket, turkey necks…oh stop I’m salavating at the thought of my din dins.
Grooming : I prefer the rugged look, the poochess’s love it 🙂 Mummy on the other hand prefers the preppy look!
Likes :  I am in heaven when mummy rubs my tummy & scratches my back…ooooh yeah.  Barking at the neighbours & visitors is the best fun. Smoochy walks on the beach with Chico ;), playing tug-o-stick with Rusty – he maybe bigger than me but I sure have a better grip…just ask mummy & daddy’s neighbour…only kidding!
Dislikes : Being told off by daddy! & those pesky puddycats…aaaarrgh

Well that’s it for now folks…

I want to beat mummy with the number of ‘likes’, so get ‘liking me’ pooches / poochess’s, I would love to make new pawpals to…you know where the comment box is 🙂


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