Hello world!

WOW my first blog to the world…I don’t mind admitting I am somewhat anxious but nevertheless I have taken the leap into the ether & will hopefully become a pro-blogger in no time at all…well as fast as my fingers & brain will allow 🙂

So, what do I write about, in this inaugural post?  Having a bump to the head, maybe? Sounds like a plan, after all it is that very action that has bought me to the blog-o-sphere, so here we go, hold on tight & don’t forget to wear your safety helmet 🙂

The year is 2007 (September) & I have just re-located to New Zealand to move in with my KIWI partner.  A bit of a shock to the system I might add, after 5 years of living an independent life, now having to consider someone else before making a decision – but despite my reservations it was a good decision.  So, 2007 came & went, new job, new friends, new place to live, discussions of skiing holidays & why not we are in NZ after all – life was pretty fabulous.  2008 clicked through and we were set for our skiing holiday, incredible fun. I had the obligatory lessons to polish up my rather rusty & awkward ski moves (think cartoon capers!), I was soon ready to hit the slopes…woo hoo!  We had a few fun filled mini ski trips that year, I perfected my moves whilst my partner had a diaphragm transplant from all of the side splitting laughter I was providing!

Ready & pumped for 2009..


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  1. Love the blog – keep it up!!!! Looking forward to reading more!

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